BGS Darshini Composite School Shringeri


Introduction To Our Institution:

Sri BGS darshini school is a COMPOSITE High School. A child enters this campus as an LKG Kid, grows up through UKG, Lower primary and enters Secondary or High School with the look of a grown up (PROUDHA) young man wearing coat – trousers – tie and shoes/skirt.This campus not only helps the teenagers feel responsible with explicit get up but also to develop spirituality,emotionaly and idealy on this campus is blessed with the presence of His Holiness Sri SriGunanathaSwamiji, the seer of Sri Adichunchangiri, Sringeri ShakhaMatha. Idealism and programatism blond at thin point of time and point of place very harmonically.

Campus Details:

SRINGERI the name itself inspires all those who are spiritually inclined or know the history of this land. The devont believe that Acharyashannkara improved the goddess of learningSri Sharada of Kashmir to accompany him and settle down at sringeri on the banks of river Tunga – During dasara innumerable parents through sringeri to initiate their children to learning. It is in this spiritually tuned seal of learning Sri Adichunchangirishikshana trust has established a residential seat of Modren Learning.With the state of the art infrastructure. Sri AdichunchanagiriShikshana Trust® has its Head quarters at Chunchanagiri, NagamangalaTaluk, Mandya district. The Trust is patranised by Jagadguru Sri SriSriNirmalanandanathaSwamiji.

Both the hostels have been situated amidst the panoramic scanes of the western ghates and river Tunga flows by silently. The day break at 5 AM in the hostels.Trained and experienced wardens, Supravisors, House mothers (in the ladies hostel) help the inmates get ready for the prayer, yoga, Dhyana and studies till it is time for the breakfast. Experienced and trained cooks prepare wholesome nutritions vegetarian food in the well furnisheddinning halls.

Parents from all over the state and even from out of the are eager to get their children admitted at the BGS campus, sringeri as they have been convinced of the care given to their children right from LKG level.

ChunchaSrunga campus which holds Sri BGS group of schools, colleges and vocational training institutes has well  designed roads that connect the school, college buildings and the hostel buildings and Sri BGS memorial stage.

Syllabus And Medium Of Instruction

Sri BGS Darshini Composite High School follow the most progressive academic structure as outlined DSERT syllabus, State Government of Karnataka  in English medium.  Art, Craft, Club Activities, Music, Computers, Dance are added in the curriculum.  The main emphasis is to enable the child to express himself orally as well as in writing.

Eligibility For Admission

The pupils of all religious persuasions are admitted without any interference with their respective creeds.   For the sake of order and discipline, however they are expected to comply with the ordinary rules of the school.  All the Children coming from the rural as well as urban area are eligible for the admission.

Admission Procedure

Parents seeking admission should obtain the prospectus and application forms from the school office.  The duly filled application form should be submitted to the office before the prescribed date.  Every parent seeking admission for his/her child must produce the following documents.

  • Transfer Certificate from the previous school, duly counter signed by the education officer.
  • Marks card of the last examination from the previous school.
  • Character certificate from the previous school.
  • Passport size Photograph – 4 nos.
  • Caste Certificate (if claimed)
  • Birth certificate original form the admission of class 1.

Facilities Available In The Institution

Knowledge Centre:

The school is equipped with the latest computer technology, Desktop, Printers and Internet facility are part of computer lab.  This will help the students to update the knowledge in the field of science and technology and enable the students to learn more practically, using all modern systems of education.  Students are regularly taught all the new concepts in computer technology and they are allowed to actively participate in the demonstration.

Learning Resource Centre – The Library:

The focus here will be on guided learning and self-learning.  The library contains a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, folk and fairytales, magazines, periodicals and reference material for students and staff.  It will be computerized and staffed with qualified librarians to facilitate the work of students and staff.

Games & Sports:

Our school lays great emphasis on sports and games, believing firmly that through this medium a child can imbibe the basic human qualities of fair play, sportsmanship, a spirit of competition and qualities of leadership, a spirit of competition and qualities of leadership.  There are regular and ample timing for sports.  The school has large playground and provides all facilities for sports and games such as:

  • Throw ball court
  • 2 Volley ball courts
  • 400 meter Athletics track
  • Basket ball court
  • Badminton
  • Kabbaddi
  • Kho – Kho


The states of art laboratories for physics, chemistry and computer science have been designed to support experiential learning.  The analytical and numerical abilities and problem solving skills are enhanced through these workhouses of experimentation.

Play School For Pre – Primary Classes

Education is meant to prepare the citizens of tomorrow and these future citizens take up their careers under the guidance of learned teachers according to the aptitude and fair they possess.  The students of nursery classes are educated in an informal way through play – way method, with the help of modern aids to develop their latent skills to help them bloom in to self – reliant individuals.

Educomp Smart Class:

This is especially intended for students and its key purpose is to enhance the learning curve of students and improve the understanding of the subject, power to think and strengthen problem solving skills in order to make students intelligent, independent and self reliant.

Parent – Teacher Interaction

Along with the teaching community, education is a combined endeavour of parents and society.  The institution has succeeded in developing an active organization of the parents.  The school organises PTM on a regular basis.  It is compulsory for all parents to attend PTM.  They can meet teachers and know the progress of their wards, if needed, may even discuss the individual problems of their children and put forward their valuable suggestions.

Educational Tours And Excursions

Adventurous activities are a part of school curriculum.  Students are sent for educational and recreational excursions, picnics, museums, art galleries etc.  Sometimes they go for trekking, rambling, hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering too.

Co -Curricular Activities:

Developmental activities like music, dance, hobbies, yoga, sports and various competitions form a part of co-curricular activities.  The hobby center provides engaging activities like pottery, gardening, first aid in which children collectively learn and develop their individual interests.

Contact Us

B.G.S. High School
Shringeri - 577 139
The Principal:  08265-251444, 9448555458.
Office:  08265-250810, 251623.