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Welcome to BGS PU College. We are a premier educational institution in Chikmagalur which offers excellent Pre-University education

Source of inspiration

Sri Sri Gunanatha Swamiji holy pontiff of Adichunchanagiri shaka mutt Shringeri after getting inspired by Bhairavaikya Jagadguru Padmabushana Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadharanatha Swamiji and Sri Sri Sri Nirmalanandanatha Swamiji is inspiring us to bring out best students from the college.

We offer excellent Pre-University education along with state of the art academic and extra-curricular facilities. We are constantly updating our knowledge base and engaging in academic innovation as part of our pedagogical Endeavour’s. By choosing BGS PU College as your alma mater, you are partnering with us in the pursuit of excellence and service. This site is a comprehensive guide to whatever information you seek to know about BGS PU College Chikmagalur. As you navigate this website, you will discover the various facets and facilities that we offer that make us one of the renowned educational institutions in the city.


I extend a warm welcome to the portal of BGS PU College, Chikmagalur website. These pages give you a glimpse of the journey we have taken thus far in almost every sphere of development. BGS PU College firmly believes in nurturing young minds through inculcating holistic education that enables every prospective student to excel and serve. I am sure the two-year stint here will not only open up new vistas but also prepare one to face the challenges. All the best!

BGS PU College made its entry into the sphere of education in the year 2006. Seven years have passed and it has carved a niche for itself as an institution that every year churns out young men and women of character and academic excellence.


The institution began by offering Pre University courses for both science and commerce to students.
The academic year 2006- 07 was a landmark in our history as it was then that BGS PU College came into existence .Elegant building was erected as a mark of our new beginnings and it is here that the everyday life of BGS PU College unfolds. We are well rooted in the established tradition of BGS PU College and our renowned faculty, vibrant student body as well as our educational amenities have made us home to some of the best and brightest minds.

Campus Details

CHICKMAGALUR City is the district head quarters, located at the southwest of Karnataka.  It is called “the Kashmir of Karnataka” as it is surrounded by the sky – scraping peaks and our campus is replica as that of Mullayyana giri, Chandradrona parvatha etc. The continuous rows of mountains appear as through the mother earth has swaged her waves to reach the heaven and the god has bent over with reverence to receive her.   Chikmagalur is called the land of coffee.  The aroma of the coffee blends with the Modern Education.  The wonderful landscape seems to reveal the mastery of divine relationship between earth and heaven. 
BGS PU COLLEGE is located in Housing Board, Chikmagalur District, Karnataka  State.  It is hardly 4 Km from the centre of the Chikmagalur City. Our campus has Kindergarten School, Primary, High School and P U Courses. The college is easily accessible by fine roads.  The college set in the basement of thick greenery mountains of 8 acres peaceful land.  Its serene location, secure environment, aesthetic infrastructure and complementing ambience make it and ideal setting to acquire knowledge.

Courses offered













Eligibility for admission

Candidates seeking admission for the I year of the two years PUC of Karnataka should have passed the Karnataka SSLC. Exam. or any other Exam recognized by the P.U. Board as equivalent to the Karnataka SSLC.

Candidate who have passed other than Karnataka SSLC exam, seeking admission to the I year PUC should obtain a provisional eligibility certificate issued by the Director, PU Board, Bangalore-560 001.


Admission procedure

Application for admission will be distributed.

To receive filled in application a last date is fixed. List of the names are grouped under category and merit, there by admission goes on.

The lists of students for admission are announced in the first list, second and third list with a time interval according to their meritorious order. 

Facilities available in the institution


A green canopy overhead, the gentle breeze ruffling your hair and the sweet chirping of birds comprise the welcoming of BGS PU College campus,


The Science subjects have separate hours of practical sessions for which modern, well-equipped laboratories are made available on campus. There are laboratories each for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer science. The laboratories are constructed in a student friendly manner for optimum usage by the pupils.


Main Auditorium - with a seating capacity for five  hundred people at a time, the Main Auditorium is the venue for august occasions like the inauguration of the academic year, inter-collegiate fests, college day and, career guidance and Founder's day.


We believe that it is important for all to be able to spend quiet time in the presence of the Almighty. As holistic education is what we aspire to deliver, we also have a prayer hall for our students to spend time in prayer and meditation.


Basketball courts, football ground, throw ball and volleyball courts, a fine cricket pitch and facilities for indoor games - all the sports requirements of our students are met at BGS PU College.
We also have parking facilities.


A compact library of 3000 books serving the needs of the students both academic and general is available in the college building during college hours.

Co-curricular activities

CHUNCHOSTSAVA - Cultural Fest celebrated annually combining all the BGS institutions of Chikmaglaur district
Vanamavotsava - Annual tree planting function celebrated by the BGS PU College coordinating with Forest Department.
Computer Project Work - Mini Software Project entitled  “STUDENTS INFORMATION PROCESSING” using C Language was developed by Second PUC Computer Science students for the first time in Chikmagalur district under the guidance of Mr. C.N.Manjunatha, Lecturer in Computer Science.
NSS Activities – Creating awareness among the people about health and hygiene in the local campus.
Eco Club - Conducting the various programs to create awareness among the people about nature like Water saving methods, Ozone depletion, to avoid the usage of plastic and burning it, Save forest.



CHIKMAGALUR – 577 102.
PH. NO.: 08262-220 244
CELL NO.:  94485 48498