Boys Hostel Shringeri

Rules and Regulations

  1. Parents/guardians are not allowed to visit or stay in the rooms allotted to their wards.
  2. There is no provision for boarding and lodging to the parents/ guardians in the hostel
  3. Parents / guardians have been advised not to hand over eatables to their wards while in the campus.
  4. Parents/ guardian can meet their wards only on second Saturdays or second Sundays.
  5. Parents/ guardian have been requested to take home their wards only during vacations or a cluster of holidays with prior permission
  6. In order to avoid home sickness and study methodically parents /guardians have been advised not to contact the children over the phone frequently or urge the authorities to send their wards to home for every festival.
  7. Only parents /guardians need to escort the children while going home.
  8. Depositing the parents’/ guardians identity card in the hostel office is manadatory, while taking their children home. The identity card will be returned when the children/wards are brought back to the hostel. A penalty of Rs 200 per day will be imposed, incase the hostel in-mate is not brought back on the stipulated date.
  9. Parents /guardians have been advised to bring the identity card issued by the hostel warden while meeting their children/wards
  10. It is instructed not to provide jewellary,mobile,cash or any other valuables to their wards without the permission of the hostel warden. Otherwise the valuables will be confiscated.
  11. Those hostel inmates who do not live up to the rules and regulations of the intuition will be debarred from the hostel duly informing the parents/ guardians.
  12. In order to avoid penalty it is advised to pay the Hostel/school/college fees in time.
  13. In order to ascertain the academic progress of their wards the parents/guardian can contact the H.M./Principal over the phone/in person on every second Saturday or second Sunday.
  14. Sufficient amount should be deposited with the warden to enable the student to avail notebooks, stationary and medical expenses.
  15. Student pass should be used without fail. Incase the hostel in-mates has to go out of the campus and also before getting in to the hostel.
  16. Parents/ guardians can contact hostel warden ( mobile -94806-68762) for any clarification.


  Features and Facilities available in the BGS Hostel.

  1. House mothers care for the kids of lower classes.
  2. Every Childs need is taken care of.
  3. Medical officers visit the hostel regularly to keep the eye on the health of the hostel Inmates.
  4. Children who are poor in studies will get extra attention and remedial teaching will be to overcome the desiciemies.
  5. All the hostel in-mates will get guidance and coaching every evening by experienced resident teachers.
  6. Wholesome vegetarian food is provided. Prepared by experienced cooks.
  7. Boiled and purified drinking water is available and also used in the kitchen.
  8. Food is served in a well equipped dining hall.
  9. Study rooms are furnished, attached with hot water bath facilities..
  10. Facilities for indoor and outdoor games under the supervision of experienced wardens and trained physical education teachers.
  11. Provision for newspaper reading. Watching the T.V. news and spacious hall for cultural activities.
  12. The trust believes in “A sound mind in a sound body” as such all the hostel inmates will take part in yoga, dhyana and bhajan activities.
  13. Separate study rooms have been arranged and the students study under the supervision.
  14. A dedicated team of chief wardens and assistant wardens have been taking care of the hostel inmates.
  15. Extra attraction and special encouragement is being given to :
    1. Physically challenged children.
    2. Gifted children.
    3. Academically poor children.
    4. Highly inclined in sports and field activities.
    5. Those who have interested in social services.
    6. Those who have a bent of mind in creative activities such as literature, acting, gardening etc.
  16. Services of the music and dance teachers can be availed by the interested students
  17. Hostel in-mates are blessed with the presence of His Holiness Sri Sri Gunanatha Swamiji the seer of Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Matt. This campus is a living example for the harmonious blending of pragmatism and idealism.