Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust

Indian has been a Center for Excellence in Education from its known history. Education has been around, for as long as man has been around, though its structure and perception has varied over centuries and civilizations. During the Vedic and Upanishads periods, the Universities of Takshashila and Nalanda were the Institutions of Higher Learning, which attracted scholars from different parts of the world.

Often Education is considered as a “Sanjeevini”. Education is one of the important factors in the development of Individuals and Nations. It is viewed as an agent of social, economic and political development. On account of its developmental role, people always look up to education for answers to several problems of development.

Realizing the need, His Holiness initiated Sri Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust ® with the main motto of imparting knowledge. After three decades of its establishment, the Trust succeeded in running more than four hundred Educational Institutions across the country. With Swamiji’s grace, today more than seventy thousand students are getting education.

The epics of various Religions, the lives of Saints, and the significance of most faiths are recounted and staged at schools. They provide spiritual insights to students. The message is clearly stated “there is only one Religion-The Religion of Love; There is only one Caste of Humanity; and only one Language – The Language of the Heart”.

Several State Schools are established in economically backward areas, to enable under privileged mass to get the Education, both in Kannada and English Media. This made the people to elevate themselves from the clutches of Ignorance and Poverty.
His Holiness has graced the light of knowledge to the children who have lost the sight by birth. At Archakarahallt, near Ramanagaram, Balagangadharanatha Swamiji Blind Residential School is established, over twenty acres of land. This institution is provided with modern infrastructural facilities to enable visually challenged children to rejoice the schooling and practical training. Even after their formal method of education, they are placed in different branches of Sri Math. It is heart trending experience to be in the midst of hundreds of blind children.

Central and International Schools are opened to keep Non – Resident Indians (NRIs) in touch with Cultural Heritage of India, with all International standards facilities.

Having realized that establishment of schools and colleges by itself will not be sufficient enough for the rural children to pursue their studies; His Holiness has established Free Hostel throughout the state, both in rural and urban areas to facilitate poor children to pursue their studies without any hindrance. At Sri Kshetra Adichunchagiri, about 6000 students are sheltered with food and education at free of cost.

To join the main stream of the Nation Building process, and to prevent Brain – Drain, his holiness started four Engineering Colleges with Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research Centers. Several Polytechnic Colleges are established.

To impart Health Education, Medical College, Ayurvedic College, Nursing Colleges and Pharmacy College are started.

Educational Institutions

Following are some of the Educational Institutions:

Medical College


Ayurvedic College


Engineering Colleges


Degree Colleges




Industrial Training Institutes


International & Central Schools


Pre – University Colleges


Nursing & Pharmacy Colleges


Veda & Sanskrit Schools


Primary & High Schools


Blind Schools


Deaf & Dumb Schools


Social & Cultural Destitute


Hostel & Others